Cod2 Petci a csals ellen. & E3-on bemutatott gameplay

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"Call of Duty 2 is the last game which needs pure skill - in our opinion. This game with it's heroic fights and so talented players are one of the best product Activison ever made. It's simply addictive. After years of friendly competing on international cups, for some reason (new CoD games?) Punkbuster had never updated itself. Greedy hackers started creating undetectable wallhacks, aimbots and everything you can imagine. This process led to a sad situation: all the best players have left the game, the cheaters conquered the public servers, online cups and ladders. There are so much players in the world who just want to play clean in a friendly scene, compete in cups without the fear of being defeated against cheaters. This needs the support of you, dear Developers! Please do something for your players and solve the problem. If it is feasible, Call of Duty 2  will become a popular game again. Defeat the cheaters please! We suggest you anticheat programs with recent updates if it is necessary."







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